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Public Records - Be Your Own Detective

Public Records are collected and maintained by government agencies.
Public Records
Follow the links below to view records details & resources.
Local Records:  Libraries, Voter Registration, City Business Licenses
County Records: County Courthouse Records, County Criminal Records
State Records: Professional & Business Licensing, Dept. of Corrections
Federal Records: Federal Court Records, National Organizations
All Courts: Links to all Local, County, State, Federal & International Courts
State Directory: Links to all State Websites and Resources
National Directory: Links to all National Resources and Organizations

Public Records can be searched either by accessing free public records online or by requesting a copy from the agency holding the documentation, usually for a small fee.

Data (information) from all sources are collected by Information Distributors who, in turn, market and sell that information to others.

Information Resources:

Government Agencies

The government, at all levels, records every important event, transaction, and litigation concerning its citizens. Most of these records are created at the local or county level. The Bureau of Vital Statistics maintains data concerning births, marriages, divorces, and deaths. The circuit and county courts have data pertaining to civil and criminal cases.  Various departments maintain applications for licenses for a variety of activities from fishing to business occupational licenses.  Most of these records are periodically forwarded to the state, usually in summary form, meaning they may not contain all the information that was in the original file.

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State Records

View records details & resources. State Records | See Records by State

Most every state capital has a repository for records from all its counties, as well as a collection of records from state-level departments and agencies.

Records from Vital Statistics move up to the Department of Health, Bureau of Vital Statistics.

Court records are included with the records of the Department of Justice, State Supreme Court.

The Secretary of States office is the central repository for a variety of data, including the Department of Motor Vehicles (or "DMV" as it is known), one of your best sources for locating people.

Also included in the Secretary of State's records are various records regarding business and financial licenses and judgments, including corporation and Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filings, and information about workers compensation cases. These are often free public records.

Investigative Professionals' "Extensive Background Check," accesses all of these databases and many more directly from the source. You only need to fill out our easy online secure form and you will have your results in a few hours sent to your email.

Federal Records

View records details & resources. Federal Records | See National Directory

At the federal level, US Government records are maintained in a number of depositories and government departments. The two largest are The Library of Congress, the nations mega-library, and The National Archives, a vast repository of government records and census.

The Interstate Commerce Commission and the Securities and Exchange Commission keep extensive records about public companies.

The US Government Printing Office provides a selection of directories and books to help you weed your way through the maze of government records. Several Information Providers have federal records sources on-line. All these records are open to the public!

Records & Listings & Fees

If fees are applicable for the information you need, the listing will be so noted. In these days of diminished operating budgets and creative revenue-raising strategies, a governing body's decision to charge a "search fee" might be quietly implemented without dissenting vote. There are three types of fees typically charged:
  • Record fee: Fee per
  • Search fee: Fee charged if a physical search must be made
  • Copy fee: Fee per copy
The amount of the fee should be determined before a request is made. Call or fax the agency before making a request for information - not only about fee structures, but also about regulations, laws, policies, and form requirements.

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