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Criminal Records


Virginia State-Wide Criminal Record Search

Information Needed: Name and Approximate Age. (Date of birth is NOT required. Order a Virginia Criminal Records Search NOW!. Includes an on-site county court search.

Information Derived: Court records of statewide and/or county-level felony and misdemeanor, including motor vehicle citations generally dating to 1993, from General District and Circuit Courts. Note: These records are from all Virginia counties and independent municipalities except Fairfax ( General district and circuit courts), Prince William (No circuit court records), Alexandria (N circuit court records).

Results typically include: Date of crime, county, case number, defendant name, date of birth, race, sex, height, weight, FBI number, charges), and sentence.

Records updated: Monthly

Turnaround time: 1 hour - 1 business day

Virginia On-Site County Criminal Records Search

Information Derived: Criminal court records and/or arrests during the past seven years.  Court researched on-site results directly from the state.

Results include: Date of crime, county, state, case number, defendant name, date of birth, race, sex, height, weight, offense), charges, and sentences.

Records updated: Instantly

Turnaround time: Generally 1 -3 business days via email

Information Required: Name, State, and date of birth.
When available, records can be searched either by accessing free public records online via the record holders database or by requesting a copy from the agency holding the record - usually for a small fee.  Or, you can check out someone's complete background online right now using our connections to a worldwide network of databases.
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