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How to Investigate

Loads of information here on how to thoroughly check out an individual or a business; pin down clues that will give the information you need. Featured are direct links to hundreds of
state and federal public records online sources of information for conducting free background checks.
How to Conduct a Pre=Relationship Background Check How to Conduct a Pre-Relationship Background Check
Do you know the Warning Signs? Certain clues may manifest themselves as early warning signs, especially when a relationship is just beginning to take shape. Be aware of the indicators that presage trouble ahead. Consider your safety. Even your money, your happiness may be at stake. Continue> |
Conduct a Background Check

 How to Conduct an Employee Background Checkx
Employers may be held liable for criminal acts committed by an employee, and may also be responsible for lost wages and damages incurred as a result of discharging an employee. Check with past employers and try to speak with someone not listed on the application who knows or knew the applicant. Continue | Conduct an Employee Background Check

How to Conduct a Tenant Background Check How to Conduct a Tenant Background Check
Implement the tenant screening process to help eliminate your tenant problems. Rent to a properly qualified tenant, because a bad tenant can cost you money, or damage your property. You might be liable for the tenant's actions. Continue> |
Conduct a Tenant Background Check
How to Conduct a Business Background CheckHow to Conduct a Business Background Check
If you are considering a business relationship, you need to know about the business and its key personnel. Conduct a background investigation on the person with whom you intend doing business. Make sure they're not fly-by-night, that the people and the company you are dealing with are legitimate. Continue> |
Conduct a Business Background Check
How to Conduct an Assets SearchHow to Conduct an Assets Search
Assets are considered either personal property or real property. An individual's personal property will include everything he or she owns. Assets in the name of a business your subject is part of may also be reveled. This is a very easy free background check to conduct since all property records are public records. Continue>  | 
Conduct an Asset Search
How to Locate Birth Parents or Adopted ChildHow to Locate Birth Parents or Adopted Child

Here's your first objective of an adoption search: Discover the identity of the child you relinquished. Or, discover the names of the birth parents who relinquished you.

The biggest difference between an adoption investigation and a missing person investigation is that in an adoption search you generally don't have a name with which to begin your search.
Investigative Professionals Background ChecksInvestigative Professionals Background Checks
Our expert researchers tap connections to a far-reaching network of massive databases containing more than four billion records to run background checks and criminal records reports. Experienced database search specialists will immediately go to work for you, to quickly return real, meaningful results. Search results are regularly returned within hours.
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Private Investigator Training Course - Secrets of Top Private Eyes

The field of private investigation is widely diversified and requires a variety of skills to fill a growing list of specialties. Training and skills you may already have, like photography, electronics - and especially a knowledge of computers - can be very valuable assets for the investigate business. Learn how to get started, where to go for help, and what each state requires.
"Secrets of Top Private Eyes" is an on-line teaching course with ten plus hours of informational videos, hundreds of pages with link to thousands of investigative sources. The course has been in extensive nationwide use since 1993 as an indoctrination training course for new investigators.  

Become a professional   Private Investigator - Secrets of Top Private Eyes

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