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What is included in a County Criminal Records Search?

When available, records can be searched either by accessing free public records online via the record holders database or by requesting a copy from the agency holding the record - usually for a small fee. 

Or, you can check out someone's criminal background online right now using our connections to a worldwide network of databases.
 County criminal record searches in the USA are available for all counties in the 50 states. These searches are the most comprehensive and accurate.

County criminal record searches are conducted on premise using more of the subjects personal information than just simply entering a name into a computer database. The US court system is structured by states and counties. There are over 3100 counties in the US. Onsite court searches give you the ability to check any county in the US for criminal records. Results may include filing date, case number, charges and sentence. Covers a 7 year history, felony and misdemeanor. These searches are generally conducted manually and on-site and give you the opportunity to get detailed records including state police arrest records, suspended sentences, dismissals, probation,  incarceration records and those involved in pre-trial intervention.

This superb search in combination with national, county databases and hand searches, is included in our n our Criminal Records Search which tracks down all available criminal records. 

What is the difference between a Database Criminal search, and an On Premise County Courthouse search?

The On Premise County Courthouse search offers more detailed information, which is as current as can be obtained because the information is retrieved from the source, however it takes more time to conduct the search and the search is limited to a single county. Database Criminal Search searches several sources to quickly check for any criminal related records, which match your search subject. The disadvantage of database searches is that the records retrieved are often less detailed and not as current as for on premise County Searches. In other words if you want accuracy then choose the On premise county search and if you want a general search then choose the Database search. Note: Please keep in mind that records vary by state and different states/provinces provide different information.

What do Criminal Records searched by County Include?

The criminal record is a report obtained from county courthouses listing all criminal offenses committed by an individual during a given period of time. Offenses which are found on the criminal record fall into the following three categories:

(1) Traffic Offenses: Normally, the only traffic offenses that show on a criminal record would be serious offenses such as "driving under the influence" or "hit and run" violations.

(2) Misdemeanors: Usually considered a less serious or minor offense, the misdemeanor is a crime punishable by incarceration, typically in a local confinement facility. The maximum incarceration period is usually limited to one year or less. (A few states classify a misdemeanor as an offense carrying a sentence of two or even five years)

(3) Felonies: These offenses are considered more serious than the previous two categories. Typically, a felony carries a penalty of incarceration from one year to life in a state prison, to the death penalty.

(It should be noted that different states classify crimes differently. One states misdemeanor may be another state's felony. Civil cases, such as lawsuits between individuals or corporations and bankruptcies, are not included on the criminal record.)  The countywide search we offer can search all 3000+ U.S. counties, including the District of Columbia, going back as far as 7 years. You need to choose one county per search. Reports are obtained from the courthouse of each county. The type and length of the search varies by county. Some offer both felony and misdemeanor violations while others off only felony. Some counties hold their records from the beginning of time while others only retain several years worth of records. The type of search and the number of years checked are noted on the criminal records report when you receive it.

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