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Surveillance Equipment ~ Be Your Own Detective

Surveillance Video Cameras, Recording Equipment & Props

If you intend to conduct a surveillance on an individual, whether actively, by trailing and observing your target, or passively, you may wish to employ listening and image-gathering devices.

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Surveillance Equipment Sources

Spy tools & props can be assembled from a variety of surveillance equipment sources. Some items are common: you may already own a small portable tape recorder. Some items you can borrow or purchase.  Spy stores abound in every metropolitan city in the USA and Canada and willingly offer advice and instruction while selling you the newest and latest model spy toy. The decision to bring into play any of these tools is up to you, of course, but isn't it always best to be prepared for unforeseen eventualities?  For instance, having along an extra set of camera batteries could mean the difference between getting good video and/or still evidence and getting no evidence at all.

Video and Hidden Spy Cameras

Hidden cameras are perfect for home or office use. A wide variety of objects can hold a hidden video camera undetectable and allowing 90 degree angle viewing. Crisp resolution and the a sharp picture are now the hallmark of each hidden video cameras. No matter what the light conditions, today's spy cameras automatically adjusts the camera for any change of light and deliver a clear picture. Hidden spy cameras are also known as spy cams and have become a vital part of security for homes and offices.

Listening Devices, Voice Recorders and Voice Changers

LISTENING DEVISES - A wide selection of listening devices from parabolic microphones to surface detection devices. Ranges vary from solid surfaces to distances up to 900 feet.

TELEPHONE RECORDERS - Telephone recorders are available in both analog cassette and digital formats. Recorders offer a wide range of options from 16 to 133 hours of recording time.

This is a great tool for making verbal notes, especially if on a surveillance. Always record the time and date, your location, and events that transpire.

VOICE CHANGERS - Voice Changers are available from novelty to professional needs. When you need to mask your voice or sound like someone else, voice changers are a great tool for disguising your voice.

Cameras and Video Cameras for Surveillance

The best rig you can employ is a totally automatic 35mm camera with a good quality telephoto lens. If you're unfamiliar with the workings and operation of this type of camera, the experts at your local camera store will be happy to indoctrinate you.  Date and time stamp is state of the art, and is especially valuable if you're thinking in terms of admissible evidence. Digital cameras that can be downloaded to your PC are the perfect tool for documenting every move and building conclusive evidence.


Rent, borrow, or buy the best auto-focus, light-gathering spy glasses. Be sure power and field of view are right for you. Can you read a license tag from 300 feet? Any closer and you might be spotted.

Thermos and Cooler

Take along food and drink so you won't have to break surveillance to satisfy your hunger and thirst.

Wide-mouthed Plastic Bottle

It's inevitable: the moment you slip away to find a bathroom, your target will slip away, and you might not even know s/he has split the scene.

Not technically Spy Equipment BUT Also take:

1.  Pens
2.  Aspirin
3.  Note pad
4.  Sunglasses
5.  City phone directory
6.  Personal phone book
7.  Prescription medicine
8.  Checkbook, credit cards
9.  Street maps and road maps
10. Folding money &change!

Props, Makeup, Clothing

A pizza box, a tool belt, service clothing, uniform and the like may help to alleviate suspicion. Makeup, wigs, and hairpieces can be employed, especially if the target might recognize you.

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