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Background Check Services FAQ

Q. Can anybody tap into databases?
A. Much of the information contained in our reports is derived from publicly available records. Our advantage is the connections we maintain to the most comprehensive nationwide indexing of records and developed information resources, such as private database companies whose cross-referenced multiple data sources are not directly accessible by the general public.

Q: Is my personal information secure?
A. All personal information is confidential. Many people fear giving their credit card number over the Internet. Our Secure Card Processor maintains an "encrypted" server. Your transaction is guaranteed secure. However, if you still feel uneasy, please call 520-280-6659 to speak with a Professional Search Consultant, who will answer any questions you may have and personally complete the transaction.

Q: How soon will I receive my Report?
A. Almost always the same day. County Criminal History searches and County Civil searches take a few days, as these are often hand searches of paper records.

Q: Will my "subject" ever find out?
A. No. All correspondence and database search inquiries are strictly confidential. We will not contact anyone but you.

Q. Can you find out where a person works and how much money he or she makes?
A. Employment records are considered private, not public records, and not made part of the databases to which we subscribe. One way to determine where a person works is to hire a Professional Investigator, who will get up early, go park down the street from where your subject lives, and follow him or her to work.

Q. I already have a good deal of the information, such as addresses present and past, phone numbers, relatives. Is this helpful?
A. Yes, it's good. You'll be able to match up data from several sources. Nothing like cross-referencing input data to prove or disprove the facts!

Q. I am most interested in the marriage and divorce info. What input information will I need to conduct these searches?
A. For marriage or divorce records, most states require full names of both parties, plus when and where the event or events took place. We compile the Profile Report first to pin down possible locations of marriages or divorces. Also, we list addresses where your subject has lived, and we list the people who have lived at those addresses. Evidence of a "relationship" - or the absence of one - has many times been established through address history matching.

Q. Why should I choose your service?
A. We are proud to offer friendly, personalized, value-added assistance. Plus, we subscribe to the best, up-to-date national databases. You will receive the benefits of our expertise, our time, and our connections to the nation's foremost information providers.

Q. I am also interested in property owned. What databases do you search?
A. We search both the national property databases AND county deed and assessor property records, by subject's names and by addresses furnished or discovered.

Q. What about criminal history records?
A. We include the national Department of Corrections (DOC) searches (47 state's DOC's reporting), in all our background investigation Reports. These searches return a list of felons with same name and same Year of Birth as subject. We also run state-wide criminal courts searches and county criminal searches. Many states, counties and jurisdictions return arrest records and misdemeanors. Some records go back thirty years.
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Our expert researchers tap connections to a far-reaching network of massive databases containing more than four billion records to run background checks and criminal records reports. Experienced database search specialists will immediately go to work for you, to quickly return real, meaningful results. Search results are regularly returned within hours.
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