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Work with Kids? You'd Better Run National Background Checks on Volunteers

Whether you're running a day care center, a school, an after school activities program, a church or any other organization which regularly works with children, your employees and/or volunteers are a vital part of what you do. You couldn't work with kids without quality people.

Unfortunately, as paying even casual attention to the nightly news will clearly show, there are plenty of bad people out there who want to harm kids. Guess where those kinds of people seek to work and volunteer?
Online background checks can help keep your organization (and more importantly, the kids you work with) safer.

At Investigative Professionals, LLC,
we conduct thorough national background checks for a wide variety of clients. We can tell you whether a prospective employee or volunteer has shown warning signs that she or he may not be suitable to work with kids. Our extensive online background checks will uncover any criminal record a prospective employee or volunteer may have. Our national background checks will also show whether the prospective employee or volunteer is on any of the state's offender registries.

Most people who want to work with kids want to do so for all the right reasons. It's regrettable that the relatively few predators out there make
online background checks necessary, but that's a reality of the world we live in.

Having national background checks run on all of your prospective employees and volunteers goes a long way towards keeping the kids you work with safe. It also goes a long way towards easing the minds of parents. Equally important, the fact that you can document that you run thorough national background checks on every volunteer and worker can protect your organization from liability should an incident occur.

When you're working with other people's kids, it just makes sense to take every possible step to ensure that the workers and volunteers who work hands on with the kids have a clean record, with no evidence of prior child abuse,  offense, or other pertinent signs that they may want to work with children for all the wrong reasons.

At Investigative Professionals, LLC, we can provide you with a thorough, detailed national background check, usually within 24 hours of you calling us. Alternately, we have programs designed to help you conduct online background checks. We can give you the tools to investigate prospective employees and volunteers yourself.

Conducting national background checks on all personnel who will be working with children is simply good, smart policy.

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Investigative Professionals' all-in-one multiple database report returns information on any adult U.S. citizen.

Results of four levels of criminal records searches will include:  National Department of Correction database for felons, Statewide and County Criminal Courts database searches - plus Sex Offender database searches.
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