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Criminal background checks for employmen

Criminal Background Checks for Pre Employment

In today's business environment, you can't be careful enough about who you add to your team. The wrong hire could cost you millions of dollars and sink your company. It makes sense for business owners and HR professionals to conduct thorough pre employment background screening for every prospective employee.

Criminal background checks for employment should be a part of the hiring process at every business, from the largest corporations to the smallest start ups. A cursory look at the news will show you why.

Recently, the FBI and INTERPOL brought down elements of an international child pornography ring. Several of those who were arrested held jobs working with children. Would thorough pre employment background screening have kept these criminals out of their positions? In some cases, they could have. Even if they hadn't, companies who had at least conducted criminal background checks for employment would have firmer legal standing, because they can show that they did due diligence in trying to use pre employment background screening to weed out inappropriate candidates.

At Investigative Professionals, LLC, we conduct thorough pre employment background screening. Our screenings include complete background checks for employment. They will also show you whether a prospective employee has had credit problems, is on any state's sex offender registry, and whether the credentials he or she claims can be verified. You get all of this vital information and more within 24 hours of contracting us, in most cases.

Do you prefer to do the legwork on your own? Great! Let us help you with that. At Investigative Professionals, LLC, we know how to get the information you need, and we can help you conduct your own complete background checks for employment and pre employment background screening. We know what employers need, what information is (and isn't) legal to search out and consider, and how to interpret the raw data that comes from multiple databases.

Let us show you how to get the most out of the information turned up in a pre employment background screening.

Order and Employee Screening

Investigative Professionals' all-in-one multiple database report returns information on any adult U.S. citizen.

Results of four levels of criminal records searches will include:  National Department of Correction database for felons, Statewide and County Criminal Courts database searches - plus Sex Offender database searches.

Civil courts will be searched for suits, bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and evictions. Driving records searches often turn up DUIs and DWIs.  Arrests and Warrants, OFAC - The Office of Foreign Assets Control, which lists criminals and terrorists around the world - are searched. Business relationships are often discovered and professional licensing confirmed.  We also verify latest employment; highest academic achievements

Investigative Professionals' offers free consultation by phone and by email. All reports are 100% guaranteed and confidential. Reports are often returned within hours.
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