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Extensive Background Checks

Extensive Background Checks

False Credentials Can Lead to Big Problems

In today's tough economy, everyone is trying to get a leg up on the competition. There just aren't quite enough jobs to go around, and most of us realize that it's "buyer's market" for employers right now. In general, that's a good thing for those of us who are looking to add people. We have a better selection, and that means more likelihood of finding truly qualified candidates to fill our positions.

Unfortunately, some people are less scrupulous than others when it comes to trying to get an advantage in the marketplace. One thing that we're seeing more and more is a tendency to list false credentials on resumes. One recent story on Yahoo! News tells of a man who worked his entire career and retired under the auspices that he held an advanced degree in mechanical engineering (in fact, the man had dropped out of college after about two and a half years). An extensive background check would have rooted this man out during the hiring process.

While that story turned out OK (as far as we know), imagine the potential liability to the company that his deception posed. What if something he had designed had malfunctioned and hurt or killed someone and it was discovered later that he was not qualified for the position he held? The company could have faced huge liability; all for lack of adequate employment background checks.

In another situation in Michigan, a residential treatment facility charged with caring for at risk youth hired a therapist who had prior  misconduct violations. While under the agency's employ, she was arrested for  involvement with one of the minor clients. The agency did conduct employment background checks, but not the kind of extensive background check one would expect from a company charged with shaping young lives (especially young lives which have already been scarred). An extensive background check could have saved that agency a great deal of embarrassment and legal problems. More importantly, it could have saved a troubled youth from further problems.

We could go on and on about problems caused by employees who had hidden criminal records, who falsified credentials, and other similar issues. Instead, let's just say this: it simply makes sense to conduct thorough employment background checks. An extensive background check on every prospective employee is a necessity in today's marketplace. You want to hire good people. Let us help you by conducting reliable and extensive background checks before you make an offer of employment and put your company or organization at risk.

Extensive Background Check

Employment Application Background Check
Get a signed employment application that includes a "Release of Information Statement." The signed application will grant you the right to access medical, worker's compensation, educational, credit, criminal, police, and court records.

The Application for Employment should ask for at minimum:
  • Subject's full name, SSN, current address
  • Addresses, phone numbers past 10 years
  • Landlords for the past ten years
  • Employers last three years
  • References, three, w/addresses, phone numbers
  • Credit history
  • Family and relatives; names, addresses, phone numbers
  • DOB and place of birth
  • Education
  • Driver's license number/state issued
  • Vehicles, property owned
  • Professional, other license numbers
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