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Background Checks Available Reports

This are summary descriptions of our reports. Click on the title for a more in-depth explanation, or click on sample report.

If all you have is the full name and date of birth (DOB) or the approximate age of the person you seek, this is the database search we will run first to identify your subject. Data is derived from change of address reports, applications for credit, lease and rental agreements, and other sources. When you receive this report, please review it. You'll be looking for identifying information. You may locate your subject from this list and no further database searches for identification purposes need be run. Note: duplicate entries with varying degrees of identifying information are not uncommon. Narrow your selection by contacting the people listed by phone or mail. Our experience shows clearly that people are eager to help, and may even be able to assist you in your search. Once you have narrowed down your list, we will run additional database searches at no additional cost. Results may vary depending on the information you are able to provide and the restrictions imposed by state laws governing the release of state public records data.

The People Identifier is a very thorough multiple database quest perfected by the nation's leading Search Experts and Professional Investigators to cross-reference relevant information (data) and to develop meaningful clues for the purpose of identifying people. SSN and DOB data, national change of address records, consumer reporting bureaus, and other sources will be tapped - sources that may have information regarding your subject's most current address and phone number. Very often, relatives are uncovered who may know the address of your subject. Results will vary, of course, depending on the information you provide and state laws governing the release of state public records data.

BASIC BACKGROUND CHECK Basic Background Background Check Sample Report
This Comprehensive Profile Report confirms a person's identity and provides the essential facts you most need to know. You'll discover family members, spouses and other live-ins. Determine personal assets, including homes and automobiles. Confirm professional licenses and business relationships. Includes national criminal record, eviction, and sex offender searches.

Extensive Background Check Sample Report
For decades, employment screeners, tenant screeners, and professional investigators have relied upon the Personal Profile Report to answer important questions about an individual. Today, this same comprehensive report is available to people interested in the most important aspects of any relationship: personal trust and the truth. All information collected about the individual in question will be forwarded to you. Social Security numbers are confirmed. As with the Super Search, results will vary, depending on the information you are able to provide and certain state laws that govern the release of public records data.

When due diligence is a requirement, when everything one can possibly learn about a person's background is of prime importance, our Due Diligence Background Report searches every meaningful records source, and includes three (3) County Civil and three (3) County Criminal hand searches. This is the most comprehensive and thoroughgoing background check available on the Internet.

EMPLOYMENT BACKGROUND CHECK Employee Background Check Sample Report
Whether you are seeking to hire a caregiver for your loved ones or a specialist who will become a member of your staff, this is the background check you need to run. We verify previous employment and education. We run several levels of criminal and civil records searches. Professional licenses are confirmed. Bankruptcy, liens, and judgment searches are included, of course.

BUSINESS BACKGROUND CHECK Business Background Check Sample Report
If you are considering a business relationship, you need to know about the business - and its key personnel. This specially designed search checks all available records pertaining to a business, including principals, professional licenses, and business assets.

This custom designed tenant screening search will help confirm the reliability of a potential renter or roommate. Civil court records are checked for evictions and civil complaints. National and state criminal records and sex offender databases are scrutinized. Previous addresses and landowners, as well as roommates, are revealed.

ASSETS SEARCHES Assets Search Sample Report
This asset search has been developed to collect information on a person's assets, including real property, such as land, homes, automobiles, boats and aircraft. Assets in the name of a business your subject owns or is part of may also be reveled. This specially designed search checks all available records pertaining to an individual's assets.

COURT & CRIMINAL RECORDS Court & Criminal Records Sample Report
This superb national and state database search tracks down all available criminal records. The most current and detailed county court records are personally searched by Professional Records Retrievers at every county court house in the USA. Multiple Sex offender databases are scrutinized.

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Fast and Complete Background Checks

At Investigative Professionals, LLC, our clients have a wide variety of personal and professional reasons for wanting full background checks. Whether you're looking for a complete background check for an employee screening, tenant screening or any other legal purpose, you can trust the seasoned professionals at Investigative Professionals to deliver comprehensive complete background checks.
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